Political Law of Botswana

Since Botswana are in the top 143 population with the total growth of 2,343,981..The Leadership of their government is a quite similar with the other country,Botswana is under in the Democratic republic, it means that it leads by a president name Ian Khama. But what make different? is that the President is the both head of state and head of government, Not Unlike other country. In every State in Every department of Government there is a Head and the duty of the President is to distinguish and reviewfor the approval.As the same what most people commonly know like the basic law and constitution such as Protection of right of life,Protection of freedom of expression, Protection for privacy of home and other property thisalso practices by the Botswana. This means people are allowed to voice out what's their resentment. This happened when this country claim their In-dependency on September 30, 1966 from the invader of United Kingdom.

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