Botswana natural and environmental problems

Bostswana is a landlocked country which located in the Southern Africa, where two of the Famous desert can be found here. The Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta. But this country is now facing two of the major problems. one is drought which is can caused too much heat, resulting in prolonged shortages in its water supply and it may occurred last for months and the worst can reach to year. but sometimes it only last for a day. The effect of this is can really feel not only by the human being but also the animals who are living and needed the supply of water. Also the daily lifestyle of every Individuals. Second one is the desertification this happen when the soil land becomes desert as a result of deforestation and can cause large effects on the Agriculture like vegetables, fruits etc. People will really feel this effect. And it's been natural to them to feel this type of problems because it's they nature. But Since Science and technology are now Amazing they drilling a deep bare holes that Provide source of water. As day goes by with the Modern technologies no wonder one day in the desert area can find a huge good source of water.

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