National Language of Botswana

Their National Language is English and Tswana/Setswana. But the main spoken language of Botswana is Setswana. Setswana was used as a purely spoken language by majority of the population. Some of the smaller languages is dying or at risk to be disappeared, and many also are expanding. Such as öHua. öHua is nearly extinct while Shua, Tsoa, and Yeyi is already threatened.But Herero and Nambya languages was developing in the country. Follow as: ||Ani; Birwa; ||Gana; |Gwi; Hai||om; Ju|fhoansi; Kgalagadi; Khwedam; Kua; Kuhane; Kung-Ekoka; Mbukushu; Tswapong; and !Xoo.

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